MANAN means "new beginning and opportunity"

MANAN Strategy creates new beginnings and opportunities for businesses and non-profits to achieve community and/or global impact. As a result, we are continuously building our network of trusted consultants.

We primarily focus in FIVE KEY AREAS.

  • Financial Strength and Fund Development (Government and Private)
  • Film & Digital Media and Graphic Design (Print & Web) 
  • Image, Profile and Reputation Building – Media, Public, Donor and Government Relations; Special Events
  • Strategic Reviews and Business Planning; Research, Surveys and Trainings
  • Employment to Fill Skills Gaps for Increased Productivity

For the following SECTORS when they are looking to grow, diversity and/or reach new audiences:

  • Charities, Non-profits, Foundations and Faith Groups 
  • Start-up and Emerging Businesses, Filmmakers and Entrepreneurs
  • Established Businesses, Manufactures and Agri-businesses
  • Educational Institutions and Healthcare Centres
  • All Sectors with Skills Gaps (in partnership with Work Global Canada)

MANAN adds value to a business or organization.  We provide our clients with a host of services offered by talented, resourceful and dedicated professionals who work collaboratively to empower people and nurture business growth.

MANAN Strategy Consultants, some of whom are listed on this web site, have diverse work experience and can meet your business needs.