Tell Your Story ... and/or Your History

MANAN Media provides a broad range of digital media and/or print solutions and opportunities for non-profits and businesses.

Video and Film • Graphic Design • Photography • Brand Strategy • Media Relations

MANAN Media is a full service shop, able to write and design your website, annual report, advertising campaign, promotional materials (video, web and print) and more. We also plan press events, conferences and seminars.

Businesses generally request MANAN Media’s expertise for corporate films, media relations, government relations, business plans and investor packages.

Non-profit and charitable organizations call upon us for the above listed services as well as assistance with fundraising campaigns (video, web and and print) and donor recognition material.

Proudly, our filmmaking Team finished its feature documentary, Aging and HIV: A Story of Resiliency, directed by our CEO Amanda Gellman

Thank you for your interest in working with our Team. The easiest way to request our services or additional information is through our Contact Us page, which goes to our email within minutes. Samples of our digital media work can be found on Vimeo.


MANAN is a proud sponsor of the Windsor Centre for Film Digital Media & the Creative Arts and Film Camp for Kids & Youth.