Increase Your Financial Strength & Capacity

MANAN Strategy Consultants are experts in fund development for businesses and non-profits as well as marketing strategy and implementation.  We have raised tens of millions over the years, and we continue to be dedicated to community development and entrepreneurship.  We can help you to plan your fund development program, train your team, write or edit your proposals, design your marketing materials, update your website, help you engage in social media, and much more.

If any of the following describe your situation, or come close to describing your business or organization, you can get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.

  • a business wanting to expand or enhance products and services
  • a start-up company seeking investors or grant monies
  • a non-profit looking to launch a capital campaign or a new program
  • a charity needing funds for client services
  • a faith group searching for ways to increase stewardship
  • an arts group looking to fund community support programs and events
  • a university or college looking for a fresh new brand and scholarship development
  • a health care institution seeking funds for research or up-to-date medical equipment
  • a CEO or fund development professional seeking one-time or ongoing coaching / mentoring in fundraising, government relations, marketing, Board development or other

Please note that you can also request a quote by using our Contact Us page.  Our coaching and other services can be provided on-line, domestically and across international borders.