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MANAN Strategy has worked with quite a few companies over the years that have not been able to find skilled workers, and have not participated in foreign worker hires because of the “excessive” paperwork.  Thus, MANAN has partnered with Work Global Canada to oversee their programs in Ontario.  Although our Joint Team can help with multiple programs, of particular interest at this time is the Mobilité Francophone Stream.

In an effort to encourage skilled Francophone workers to come to Canada and settle in communities outside of Quebec, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has launched the LMIA exempt Mobilité Francophone Stream. The program will exempt employers from having to complete an LMIA when they hire francophone workers in managerial, professional, and technical/skilled trade occupations from abroad to work in francophone minority communities outside of Quebec.

For your convenience, we are providing a downloadable information sheet to review and share with others.


Work Global Canada (WGC), headquartered in St. John’s, NL, specializes in Canadian immigration and international recruiting. A supplier for Immigration Services, except in Quebec, the firm has three regulated Immigration Consultants with Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), as well as extensive partnerships nationwide and a dedicated network of delegates worldwide.

MANAN Strategy Consultants, headquartered in Windsor, ON, creates new beginnings and opportunities through a network of trusted consultants who work together to achieve community and/or global impact for our clients. MANAN has been working with the CEO of Work Global Canada since 2010, and connects Ontario businesses to growth opportunities offered through Work Global, such as the MFS. Work Global is licensed to offer immigration services. MANAN also offers companies expertise in human resource development, community connections for new Francophone families, job training programs, grant writing, media relations and more.


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