Charity Foundation Search Tools

Looking for a grant form a private foundation? Our site can help you search for a grant from a charitable foundation, and we can assist with the writing and/or editing. We have had much success and offer special non-profit rates, charging by the hour and only for the time we spend helping you.

In addition to our already popular government grants page, which covers funders in the US and Canada, we keep this updated as a quick reference for our clients and visitors.


The number of private foundations and charities in Canada is increasing every year.  For help in making a presentation to your Board of Directors, Funders or Campaign Committee, take a look at these sites:

Information Resources

Canada Helps

Canada International Council

Charity Intelligence Canada

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) – to locate a charity; does not list non-profits

Foundation Lists

All Ontario

Charity Village – Foundation List


Imagine Canada – Directory of Foundations

University of Western Ontario (has links to directory info)

Foundations Funding Sport

Foundations Serving the Greater Toronto Region (compiled by Social Worker Action Team)

Global Philanthropy (Blumbergs Report)

Community Resources Centre (primarily national resources)

Thompson Rivers University (primarily research funding)

The Victoria Foundation (lists granting sources across Canada)

Open Charity (you need the name of the foundation you are looking up)

Philanthropic Foundations of Canada (lists members)

Youth Directory (lists other than grants fro youth)

Wikpiedia Hot Links – Foundations in Canada



United States

Foundation Center

Yahoo Foundation Directory

The Grantsmanship Center

Wikipedia – Foundations in the United States

Community Foundation Locator



Wikipedia (list of wealthiest foundations)